Kennett BizNet

     Professional Referral and Networking done in a laid-back casual environment!

Our By-Laws

All Kennett BizNet Members are required to adhere to the By-Laws of our organization.




Last Revised:  January 2017


ARTICLE I:  Name and Mission Statement


The name of this Organization is Kennett BizNet. (Referred herein as “BizNet”)

Kennett BizNet is a group of local professionals dedicated to delivering superior services and/or products to their customers and who believe in the value of effective networking.

BizNet Members understand the philosophy of working together to share business ideas and share referrals working toward the mutual growth of the businesses of its members.

Each business or professional occupation is represented by one member in each category. Categories can be expanded at the discretion of the board and the Membership Committee in conjunction with any affected members.  (Please see Article III, Section 1)

This Organization is a Business Organization and shall not be used in any way for political purposes nor shall it participate in the political candidacy of any person or any political cause.

This Organization is a Business Organization and shall not be used in any way as an outlet for Public Awareness or Community Fundraising and shall not participate in the commitment to any one humanitarian, educational, or non-profit society or association.  However, each individual member is permitted to share news and events with the Organization based on their personal affiliations.


ARTICLE II: Purposes

The purpose of BizNet is to promote the education and business interests of the members by:

Providing members with referrals to enhance their business;

Providing for the free exchange of ideas, opinions and-experiences among members;

Providing education opportunities for the membership.


No guarantees are implied or expressed with regard to generation of referrals, business, revenues, or related items.


 ARTICLE III: Membership


Section 1

Members:  There will only be one representative from each profession. Categories can be expanded at the discretion of the board and the Membership Committee in conjunction with any affected members. 

BizNet is affiliated with the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce.  All members of BizNet must be members of SCCCC.


Section 2

Conflict of Interest and Grievances:  If at any time, there is Conflict of Interest within the Membership, parties must report to the Membership Chair.  Membership Chair shall report conflicts to the Board of Directors for resolution.


Any grievances against a Member must be reported to the Membership Chair.  Membership Chair shall report grievances to the Board of Directors for resolution.  Grievances may include:  honesty and integrity of Members, misrepresentation of industry, personal and/or ethical grievances, etc.


Please note that grievances involving the Membership Chair can be reported to any other Officer.


Section 3

Fees:  There are no fees or dues, however, all Members MUST hold active membership in the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce. 

Members are responsible for their semi-monthly food and drink purchases at meetings.


On occasion, and at the discretion of the Membership, other networking and/or social events will be held to increase membership, raise awareness of the Organization, or provide socializing.  If costs are incurred, the Membership as a whole will contribute.  All events will be voted upon and agreed upon by the Organization as a whole.


Section 4

Obligations of Members:  Biznet Encourages all members to actively participate in BizNet Meetings and extra events.  SEE ARTICLE IV


Members need to respect the Attendance Policy – See Article IV, Section 4


Section 5

Application for Membership:  All applications for membership will be made in the form prescribed by BizNet. 

The following criteria will be utilized to evaluate each applicant for membership:

• Professionalism

• Category of business/relationships with current members

• SCCCC membership

• Positive character reference

• Past business experience

BizNet does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, religion, sex, national origin or disability.


All applications must be remitted to the Membership Chair and approved by the Board of Directors.


Section 6

Attendance Policy:  See Article IV, Section 4

(Please note that in certain case, Attendance Policy exceptions are at the discretion of the Board of Directors)

 If someone is not a regularly attending member of the grouped and is occupying a professional category, then that member risks forfeiting that category, should the board approve a new member in that same category.


Section 7

Termination of Membership:   Any member may resign by filing a written resignation.


If an active individual member changes the company or category that he/she represents, the Membership Committee shall have the right to approve or deny the new company or category.  A superseding application form must be submitted for a member to change categories.


If a company owns said Membership, and either terminates or changes the participating Individual; BizNet has the right to approve or deny the new member.


Any active member should regularly attend meetings and actively participate in activities.  If a member is not taking advantage of their membership by regularly attending meetings and events, then their category may become available to recruit a new member, or they may even face termination at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  Written notice of such action will be given to the member by the Board of Directors.


Section 8

Members in Transition:  If an active individual member is no longer employed by the firm he/she was representing or is no longer employed, regardless of cause:

1.)    Then Membership defaults to the owner of the membership.

a.      If the membership is owned by the company, then they may appoint a new member to Biznet and the board can vote to accept the new member/representative.

b.      If the membership is owned by the individual, then they may stay as the member and simply align themselves with a new company or vacation, as long as it does not overlap an existing member’s category.

                                                              i.      Since BizNet is a Business Organization, said Member can continue to attend for THREE months…to align with a new company, without re-applying for membership, as long as they fall under their current business category (an amendment must be filed to update company alignment).

                                                            ii.      If they change categories, a superseding application form must be submitted for a member to change categories or companies, and the Membership Committee shall have the right to approve or deny the new company or category. 



Meetings of Members


Section 1

Quorum:  The active members in good standing in attendance at any meeting, with a minimum of seven (7), will constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A majority vote will consist of one or more than half of those members present and voting at such meeting.


Section 2

Location:  BizNet may designate any place as the place for any meeting. 


Section 3

Time:  Regular meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month. (6 Meetings per Quarter)

The Board shall determine the times of the Meetings.

Meetings may consist of:

1.      30-second introductions by each Member,

2.      Announcements by Officers,

3.      Each Member will take turns giving a formal presentation to better acquaint and educate the members about their business, and/or

4.      Whatever agenda is approved by the Board of Directors.


Section 4

Attendance:  Active members and guests (see Section 5) will be eligible to attend any meeting of BizNet. 


It is the member’s obligation to notify a board member when this happens and a sub can be sent in your absence.


Members should ONLY miss one meeting per quarter if is not:

1.      An excused absence

2.      Illness,

3.      Vacation,

4.      Or family or business emergency

5.      Members are encouraged to attend all meetings, however we are a business organization, and as such understand that sometimes your business will take priority and as such you will be force to miss a meeting.


It will be the complete discretion of the board of directors, to determine, if a member decides that Biznet is no longer a priority for their business, through their actions or inactions, and abuse of the attendance policy.  At that point, following a written warning of termination, the member will be terminated, unless they agree to Three (3) months of probation, at which time; if the member shows that they do indeed wish to remain a member of Biznet, through attendance and participation, then they will remain a member. 


If, however another party wishes to occupy that business category and the board decides the new potential member is better for the long term objectives of the group, then the member may be terminated while on probation, or probation may not be offered at all.


A Substitute may be sent as a Representative for the Member and will count as attendance; however a Substitute has no voting rights.  A Substitute should be someone who represents your company can should only be sent to ONE meeting per Quarter, unless you plan on making them the member of Biznet.  If they are to be the new member, then they will have to be approved by the board. 


Substitute Policy:  A Substitute can be

1.      Another person from the Member’s company, or

2.      A business affiliate of said Member. 

A Substitute CANNOT represent their own company but can only speak on behalf of the Member they are representing.  If the Substitute’s business category is NOT filled, they can return to BizNet as a Guest.


Members should sign-in at each meeting.


Members are issued a BizNet nametag which should be worn to every meeting.


Section 5

Guest Policy:  A guest can be invited to a Meeting by any active Member, if the Profession/Industry of said Guest is NOT in conflict with any existing Member.  If there is a possible conflict, approval must be obtained from the Board of Directors.  A Guest can attend 3 meetings before being required to pay the dues of the Chamber and become a member.



Officers and Board of Directors


Section 1

Titles:  The elected Board of Directors of BizNet will consist of five members.

The Officers of BizNet will be the:

1.      President,

2.      Vice President,

3.      Sergeant-at-Arms,

4.      Membership Chair, and

5.      Treasurer.

These members of the Board of Directors will be elected in accordance with these bylaws.


Section 2

Responsibilities of Officers of the Board of Directors:


The Board of Directors shall have control and management of the organization’s activities, disciplining members, and generally supervising the affairs of the organization.


President: The President will have general management over the policies and affairs of BizNet, and responsibility to see that the bylaw and all resolution and directions of the Board of Directors are carried out. It is the responsibility of the President to preside at all

BizNet meetings and serves as chief executive officer of BizNet and exercises such duties as instructed by the Board of Directors. The President will maintain the official documents or records of BizNet, including the bylaws, minutes, policies and procedures and any other

records which the Board of Directors may deem necessary.


Vice-President: The Vice-President will perform such duties as prescribed by the President or the Board of Directors and in his/her absence or indisposition perform the duties of the President. Vice-President will also perform duties of the Sergeant-of-Arms in his/her absence.


Sergeant-at-Arms: The Sergeant-at-Arms will maintain times within the course of all BizNet meetings.  The Sergeant-at-Arms will attend to the giving and serving of all notices of BizNet meetings and any other such notices as may be required.

The Sergeant-at-Arms in conjunction with the Membership Chair will be responsible for maintaining records regarding attendance.


Treasurer: The Treasurer will maintain accounting responsibility for the financial resources of BizNet. The Treasurer will have the custody of all the funds and securities of BizNet and will manage these funds according to the guidelines established by the Board

of Directors.   The Treasurer will perform all duties, which are incident to this office, subject, however, at all times to the direction and control of the Board of Directors.


Membership Chair:  The Membership Chair shall have direction over the Membership Committee which include:  maintain records of all Attendance Sheets, collection of all Membership Applications, presentation of Membership Applications to the Board of Directors, follow-up with guests (via email or call) to thank them for attending and let them know the chairperson is their point of contact for any questions or concerns. The Membership Chair may visit prospective members to interview and report findings to the organization prior to voting on membership. The Membership Chair shall also contact the potential member with the results of their application.

The Membership Chair is also responsible for recording all Member grievances and conflicts for reporting to the Board of Directors.

Membership Chair is also responsible for updating Membership Records on the Kennett BizNet website.


Section 3

Terms of Office and Elections: In November of each calendar year, nominations will be accepted for Officer positions.  Elections will take place the last meeting of each calendar year and on the first meeting of every calendar year, the elected Officers begin their terms.

All officers are elected annually for one-year terms.  The voting shall be by ballot and shall be cumulative. There shall be no voting by proxy.


Section 4

Eligibility: To be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors, a person must be an active member of BizNet. The Officers will not be eligible for reelection to the same position for more than two consecutive terms.


Section 5

Vacancies: Should a vacancy be created through any cause whatsoever, aside from the office of President, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment of the President. If the office of President becomes vacant for any reason, the vacancy shall be filled by special election.


Section 6

See Section 4 – For Attendance Reasons:


Any Officer may be removed from the Board of Directors, with or without cause, by the affirmative vote of the majority of the total active membership. Removal may be considered inclusive of but not limited to the following reasons:

1.      Conduct detrimental to the interests of BizNet or

2.      Refusal to render reasonable assistance in carrying out BizNet's purposes.


·         Any member proposed to be removed will be entitled to at least five (5) days notice prior to the meeting of the members at which such removal is to be voted upon and will be entitled to appear before and be heard by the membership at such meeting.


Section 7

Officers shall not be held legally responsible for actions of the organization.




BizNet Committees


The following committees can be formed when the organization deems that they are necessary by majority vote.

1.      Education Committee, whose duty it will be to educate the community about our organization and to provide educational opportunities for students about our various professions.

2.      By-Law Committee, whose duty it will be to review and prepare for submission to the members all proposed amendments to these bylaws.

3.      Nominating Committee, whose duty it will be to select a slate of candidates to stand for election to any elected position and to conduct the elections -in accordance with the procedure defined in these bylaws.

4.      Membership Committee, whose duty it will be to provide membership services and promote membership in the Organization.

5.      Communications Committee, whose duty it will be to keep the membership informed of BizNet activities through, but not limited to, a regularly published newsletter and electronic communications.





Contracts, Checks, Drafts and Accounts


Section 1

Execution of Contracts: Unless voted on by the members, no one will have any power or authority to bind BizNet by any contract or engagement or to pledge its credit or to render it liable pecuniary for any purpose or in any amount.


Section 2

Deposits: All BizNet funds will be deposited in an account managed by The Treasurer.


Section 3

Checks and Drafts:  The Treasurer will sign all checks, drafts or other orders for the payment of money, notes, acceptances, or other evidences of indebtedness issued by BizNet.


Section 4

General and Special Bank Accounts. The Board of Directors from time to time may authorize the opening and keeping of general and special accounts with such banks, trust companies or other instruments as the Board of Directors may select, and may make such rules and regulations with respect thereto, consistent with the provisions of these bylaws, as the Board of Directors may deem expedient. 




Amendments to the Laws


Section 1

Bylaw Authority: The power to alter, amend, or repeal the bylaws or adopt new bylaws will be vested in the Board of Directors and its members.


Section 2

Amendment Process: Amendments or revisions to these bylaws may be made by the affirmative vote of a majority of the votes cast by the voting members.






Section 1

Fiscal Year: The fiscal year of BizNet will end on December 31 of each year.


Section 2

Communications:  All communications (verbal, written, email, social media) shared with the entire Membership or representative of BizNet as a whole can ONLY be provided by the Board of Directors.  All communications Members want to share to the whole Organization or outside communications representing the Organization MUST be sent to an Officer for approval and said Officer is responsible for issuing the communication.




Dissolution of the Corporation

It is intended that BizNet will be a permanent organization. BizNet may be dissolved if a unanimous vote of the quorum of the active membership votes to do so. Once all outstanding debts have been satisfied, the Board of Directors will will make a general donation to the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce.



Not-For-Profit:   This Organization shall operate as a not-for-profit organization for personal improvement and other similar non-profit purposes. Any income received shall be applied only to the non-profit purposes of the organization and no part of the income shall inure to the benefit of any Member.